The Hacienda and Jewish Community Center Share the Wisdom of Horses

The Hacienda at the River has graduated its first class of special services participants in the Presence of HorsesTM program with our partners at the Jewish Community Center. In the Presence of Horses is an Adventures In Awareness-based experiential educational process through which participants spend 3-4 weeks working with horses to become mutual friends.

Each Wednesday morning the classes began when the Jewish Community Center van delivered 3 or 4 special services participants and their advocate(s) to The Stable at The Hacienda. They checked in and reviewed the program’s Safety Responsibility Agreement. Over the course of each session, the participants from JCC were guided and mentored by Hacienda resident regulars. As all participants work together learning to make a friend of the horse, they also learn more about interior feelings, thoughts and emotions. Horses are amazing teachers about the influence of energetic bio fields – ours and theirs. Horses appear to mirror with their behaviors our interior messages emanating from our heart fields.

Our recent JCC cohort member Daniel learned in a nano-second the influence of his frequently unconscious body movements.  All of us recognized and commented on his conscious effort to stay still and calm working with his heart breath while engaging with Prissy, the sorrel mare. Resident Phyllis commented on the immense behavioral changes in the whole group as they worked through the In the Presence of Horses series of initial interactions with Joe and Prissy. On our final day for with this first class of graduates, Daniel was able to work with sensitive wild horse Joe, mindfully attending with his heart breath and following Phyllis’s coaching instructions.

The Tier One curriculum for these three sessions include: AIA Safety Responsibility Agreement, Safe Behavior around Horses, Heart Centered Breathing, Hand Massage with Mutual Agreement, and Heart Hug. We expect another group from the JCC to begin their attendance next Wednesday and hope that over the course of this year all JCC Special Services participants who are interested will participate in the course.

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