Working with the community’s nurses, therapists, programming and dietary professionals, special caregivers called Nayas are the anchor of the day-to-day structured rhythms of the Hacienda Homes. Nayas are entrusted to use their special training, their instincts and relationships with each elder to create a warm and nurturing environment. The word Naya, which centers on the concept of being engaged in the present moment, comes from the ancient language of Classical Sanskrit, and means person of wisdom, conductor and leader.

In traditional care models in senior living settings, the care of a resident is parsed out among several associates, from dishwasher to charge nurse, who interact with a resident only within their particular and limited task set. This care model not only leaves the resident experiencing a lack of daily continuity with a regular small group of associates whose care she is in, but just as important, presents associates with significant risk of failing to put together the whole picture regarding a resident’s welfare.

In contrast, Nayas in Hacienda Homes are responsible for all aspects of a resident’s well-being, performing nearly ALL of the tasks generally associated with a quality assisted living environment. They interact with residents throughout the day: assisting with the daily activities of living, planning and carrying out each day’s activities, preparing meals together, going on outings, celebrating special events and acting as the touch-point between residents and their loved ones.

Because Nayas are an integral part of the household’s daily rhythms, they are able to assure that residents thrive, and with a care model no longer focused on moving a resident through her day according to the associate’s schedule, a resident determines the rhythm of her own day. The continuity and broadness of the daily interaction between residents and Nayas leads to deeper bonds, creating a family-centric environment.

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