Memory Care

We know how challenging it can be to find the right residence for a loved one who needs memory care. We’ve created a safe, positive, residential environment with the best in memory care services. Our associates don’t just provide all the assistance residents need, they’re trained to bring joy and a sense of family to each and every moment by staying focused on what residents can do, never what they cannot. If you have any questions regarding memory care, give us a call. We pride ourselves on providing the information and answers families need to make the right decision.

We Do Memory Care Differently

Throughout its nearly 30 year history, Watermark has sought ways, large and small, to enhance the well-being of our residents and associates. Success is mostly measured in the strong and durable relationships between residents and associates that bring with them trust, comfort and more than a bit of warm fun.

Particularly in our Memory Care communities, growing and sustaining these vital interpersonal relationships are built into the programming. The journeys that residents and associates share are founded on daily rhythms that are not bound by a daily regimen of mostly healthcare-related tasks but by sharing together all that each day brings. Cooking meals together, putting together a scrapbook, filling the bird feeders on the patio, harvesting tomatoes in the garden, listening together to the special music that is the soundtrack of the resident’s life.

Each of our Memory Care associates undergoes training to become a Certified Dementia Practitioner. We call these universal caregivers Nayas. The word Naya, which centers on the concept of being engaged in the present moment, comes from the ancient language of Classical Sanskrit. A guide, person of wisdom, conductor and leader – these terms truly define our caregivers, and reminds community members to connect with each other and be mindfully engaged in each moment. In doing so, we cultivate a sense of well-being, community and creativity. From this thoughtful foundation, both residents and associates thrive.

Our resident-centered approach provides a joyful, dignified life for each person entrusted to our care and peace of mind for their families. We use this Memory Care Vision Guide and video at the bottom of the page as an initial part of our orientation for Nayas. It articulates our larger vision and invites Nayas to explore this new model for Memory Care.

Memory Care at The Gardens

  • Private studio apartments
  • Weekly housekeeping and linen services
  • Complete apartment maintenance
  • All utilities except cable TV, internet and local phone service
  • 24-hour staffing with specially trained memory care experts with certification through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners (NCCDP)
  • Three nutritious, well-balanced family style meals where families and friends are welcome
  • Healthy and delicious snacks available at all times
  • Access to Gourmet Bites, our signature program that’s restoring the joy of dining for individuals living with physical, neuromuscular and cognitive changes
  • Personal pantry program for each residents’ favorite foods
  • Dynamic calendar of classes, activities and outings including Watermark University classes designed for residents with memory care needs
    • Structured and spontaneous activities specifically tailored to each resident
  • Extraordinary outings that you would never expect in a memory care community
  • Homelike environment with resident photographs, keepsakes and family histories
  • Family communications center
  • Ongoing communication with primary care physician, other healthcare professionals and family members
  • Move-in coordination
  • View more services and amenities


We create “like home” memory care neighborhoods that are comfortable and familiar. Our residents are surrounded by wonderful aromas from delicious meals, music, laughter, family members, fresh flowers, natural light, children, pets, the changing of the seasons and reminders of things to look forward to today, tomorrow and beyond. We fill the days with favorite pastimes and make sure to create plenty of meaningful moments.


Beyond nutritious and delicious, meals are times to gather, connect and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Old favorites and interesting new delights are always on the menu and with Gourmet Bites, those same choices come in attractively served, bite-size portions to make meal times even more enjoyable. Our Pantry Program even provides residents personal space to store favorite items like mint Milano cookies or tomato bisque, so comfort foods are always close at hand.

A New Model for Memory Care


Here, the art of caregiving goes beyond the traditional title, so we call our caregivers “Nayas,” a word originating from the ancient language of Sanskrit. A Naya is a guide, person of wisdom and a leader who is engaged in the present moment. Specially trained and certified Nayas communicate through validation rather than correction to show understanding and support. We know that behaviors are a response to an unmet need. From this thoughtful foundation, we cultivate a sense of well-being and connection.

We partnered with the National Council of Dementia Practitioners to train our Nayas how to incorporate residents in the rhythms of daily living. Together, they work side-by-side cooking, cleaning, preparing and serving home style meals, and anything else that evokes a sense of purpose.


We pour our hearts and souls into creating meaningful ways for residents of The Gardens to learn, grow and connect with each other, themselves, their families and our associates. We use a wide variety of approaches, depending on the individual, the hour and the day. Expressive Arts uses music, art and movement to tap into all forms of creativity for an alternative form of communication beyond words. We skillfully address Physical Wellness with traditional fitness classes, to innovative offerings such as Tai Chi, Sit and Dance and Armchair Fitness. Our physical fitness programs are tailored to residents’ abilities, preferences and needs. We utilize Life Histories to celebrate past occupations, preferred hobbies and treasured talents. Through Watermark University we encourage residents, associates, family members and local experts to share their interests in classes like The Writer’s Circle, Conversational Spanish, Music and Movement, and Facebook for Seniors, to name a few. These are but a few of the approaches we use to help residents thrive, one joyful moment at a time.


Our group trips shatter the expectations of what’s possible. Our residents, associates, families and volunteers work together to plan safe, adapted outings to ensure our residents thrive. Recent examples from Watermark communities coast to coast include fishing trips, a day at the Jersey Shore beach and Atlantic City, a train trip to New York City and even an overnight camping excursion.

What is Memory Care?

Memory Care is a residential environment that supports individuals living with the physical, cognitive and emotional effects of dementia.

These Memory Care environments are secure, clinically enriched and feature specialized programs that follow federal, state and private standards that lessen the impact or even reverse the symptoms of dementia.

Memory Care neighborhoods within senior living communities have only been around since the 90s. In recent years significant leaps have been made in creating environments that normalize the lives of residents and their families, thus promoting full and satisfying lives for residents and their families.

Who Needs Memory Care?

Questions often come up about the criteria for determining who would benefit from living in a Memory Care setting rather than an Assisted Living setting. Although there are many variables and an in-depth assessment will be completed before an individual moves into The Hacienda, two characteristics stand out.

The first is wandering or the inability of an individual to know where they are. Safety is the main concern here. A secure environment does not mean overly confined or monotonous spaces. The Hacienda Memory Care neighborhoods resemble family homes, complete with private suites, shared common spaces and grassy courtyards.

Another general indicator that someone would benefit from a Memory Care environment is self initiative. If an individual needs to be reminded to bathe or attend a favorite class in the garden, a more structured day may be tremendously helpful.

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