Hacienda Homes

The Hacienda Homes are a neighborhood of three stand-alone structures offering Assisted Living or Memory Care. Just as in traditional guest ranches, the Hacienda Homes are designed to capture a careful balance between public space and private place so that each day can be as engaging or as tranquil as desired.

The Hacienda Homes incorporate the most up-to-date, eco-friendly building and interior design principles and materials. Interiors are decorated in warm earth tones with bright accents, and furniture in the communal areas is soft and elegant. Well-placed windows and skylights draw in the desert light to assure a bright and roomy feel. A rustic porch replete with metal roof surrounds courtyards planted with native mesquite trees, turf and seasonal flowering shrubs.


Residents’ private suites radiate off a nexus of common areas: kitchen, dining room, living room, sunroom and covered porch. Discreet design elements in each home render clinical support features nearly invisible, and electronic record keeping allows associates to devote more quality time to residents.

Each household has a dependable core of universal caregivers, known as Nayas, who provide expert support. They are involved in all aspects of residents’ daily activities. This consistent, continuous high-acuity support allows residents to thrive.

It is very important to me that families can actually feel our commitment to the total well-being of their elder family member every time they walk in the Hacienda to have dinner with us or share the adventure of a new cooking class – or every time they make a call to see how someone is getting along with a new medication or their afternoon in the garden. It is this level of commitment to creating a real community of health and balance that drives the success of the Hacienda model.