The Down to Earth Club Sets its Roots

The Hacienda at the River’s Desert Willow residents were all in attendance for the assembly of their first raised wooden red cedar planter box. Time was taken to organize and learn about all of the different pieces that were needed to go together for the planter. With the guidance of our Horticultural Guide and Community Liaison, it only took an hour to complete the assembly of the therapy garden’s first raised planter box.

“It was a great accomplishment, they all loved it! It will feed into their different experiences with plants.” – Jason Welborn, Horticulture Guide

The next step for our residents is to put different plants inside of the planters. Each resident has already expressed their ideas for what they would love to see in their environment, roses being a top one.

Jason has planned a field trip to Green Things for the residents to pick out plants for the garden. The ultimate goal is to build an environment that would appeal to the different senses: touch, smell, sight. The long term goal is to harvest fruits and vegetables in the garden that can be used in the healing kitchens at The Hacienda.

The Down to Earth Club has truly expressed one of the many visions for The Hacienda at the River, which complements the therapy garden for residents. We will soon see the end results of something that started with just a thought, come into full bloom as something absolutely stunning.

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