Acacia Café

Let’s be honest, one does not look forward to eating in most traditional nursing home or rehab centers. Institutional menus served in institutional, florescent-lit dining rooms do not make for a memorable dining experience. In contrast, dining is a central component of The Springs wellness programs – one that our guests look forward to each day. Menus feature wholesome, fresh, local food that is prepared with seasonal local produce whenever possible. Guests of The Springs and visitors are offered three dining venue choices: 1) dining in one’s room (perfect for those rehabbing from surgeries or injuries making it difficult to navigate to the dining rooms); 2) dining in the Clubroom located on the second floor of The Springs; or 3) dining in either the Acacia Café on the first floor. Guests of The Springs are offered two tasty menu choices in any of these dining alternatives. Guests and visitors may choose to order a la carte from the Acacia Café’s extensive menu offerings.

Acacia Café

Acacia Café, designed by renown restaurant architects, has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where guests and visitors enjoy wholesome, restorative meals either inside in a richly appointed dining room or outdoors in an awning-bedecked courtyard patio. Meals are prepared with an emphasis on the freshest farm-to-table ingredients (some from our own gardens). This all-day dining venue serves an expansive and versatile menu that showcases our chef’s delectable creations. Cuisine features locally-sourced farm-to-table contemporary fare including healthy, scrumptious soups, sandwiches, salads, shakes, starters, entrées and desserts.

Many menu items at the Acacia Café have been created by Rebecca Katz, co-founder of Healing Kitchens. Katz is a nationally-recognized culinary expert translator on the role of food and flavor in supporting good health.

SOUPS: Nana’s Chicken Soup with Zucchini Noodles • Cozy Lentil Soup with Squash 

SALADS: Mexican Tortilla Salad with Grilled Shrimp • Lemony Lentil Quinoa Salad Chinese Chicken Salad • Bloody Mary Caesar Steak Salad

SANDWICHES: Mediterranean Tuna Salad • Hummus and Vegetable Pinwheels • Curried Chicken Salad • Egg Salad with Greens on Sourdough • Smoked Salmon Flat Bread  SMOOTHIES: Chocolate Laced Blueberry Cherry Smoothie • Triple Berry Protein Shake Acai Smoothie

We also serve a variety of Peet’s coffees, flavored lattes, hot and cold teas.


Download Acacia Cafe Menu PDF