From the home-cooked meals prepared in the Hacienda Home kitchen to the menus of the community’s dining venues, cuisine at The Hacienda is fashioned to create memorable dining experiences.

In the Hacienda Homes, as in many homes, the kitchen is the center of activity. In its warmth, people gather to share their day and enjoy the dynamic scents that come with ever-changing seasonal foods. Residents, associates and visitors enjoy the camaraderie that comes with preparing and eating a meal together. Although meals are scheduled three times a day in the Hacienda Homes, residents can eat what they want, when they want. One person may choose tea and toast in bed at 6:15 AM while another opts for scrambled eggs and bacon in the kitchen with fellow residents at 8:30 AM.

Watermark is pleased to provide you with this helpful Culinary Rx Kit. It contains all the information you need to prepare healthy, delicious meals to help your loved ones stay on their healing path as they leave The Hacienda at the River. These tips and recipes, combined with carefully following all doctors’ orders regarding rehabilitation and medication, will guide and aid them on their journey back to optimum health.

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