Memory Care

One Hacienda Home is a special separate, secure environment where residents experiencing memory loss live in a setting and community that has been tailored to promote a sense of security and familiarity.

Individualized programs, giving each day a familiar rhythm, are based on a resident’s life story, honoring personality traits and habits. Residents are not be asked to conform to schedules, routines, and activities that have no meaning for them. The household fosters the discovery and sharing of new and old patterns of daily living. A special dining program called Thrive Dining specifically designed for residents who have trouble swallowing or who are restricted to a puree diet is offered.

Residents determine their life’s tempo. Shared meals are something to look forward to—with friends and loved ones always welcome to join in. The day is also be enlivened by afternoons in the patio gardens, on-site equine therapeutic programming, art classes, outings to the University of Arizona’s landmark Poetry Center or sitting under a shade tree enjoying the desert’s serenity. Watermark has formed an exclusive relationship with the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance (SAACA) to provide its residents with over 100 artists who provide entertainment and engaging artistic and cultural programming on a daily basis.

The Hacienda’s universal caregivers known as Nayas are professionally trained to care for residents with memory loss. Nayas build close holistic relationships with residents, learning what most helps a resident thrive but also being able to notice subtle changes that may be early signals of concern.



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Seniors doing Tai Chi
Breakfast of eggs, toast and jam
Qi Gong for memory care
Elderly woman playing a mandolin
Equine Therapy The Hacienda at the River Tucson
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