Assisted Living

At The Hacienda at the River, Hacienda Homes will replicate the integrated harmony of the traditional family household, while healthcare support, including integrative programs and therapies, is seamlessly folded into each resident’s day. Four or five Nayas, the household’s dependable core, will provide expert supportive care needed to optimize each resident’s comfort and wellness.

The word Naya comes from the Sanskrit language and means a guide, person of wisdom, or leader. In the Hacienda setting, because Nayas will spend the day with residents, they will notice the nuances of daily routine that support restorative health. They will also notice the small and early signs of concern that might otherwise go unseen. The benefits of this model of care will only be deepened by the hands-on educational training that the Nayas will receive through a hands-on collaboration with healthcare pioneers at Watermark. Other programs are being developed in concert with the University of Arizona to broaden the experience of the dedicated Hacienda staff members.

Each resident’s comfortable and rich daily routine will be punctuated by the opportunity to participate in a full and varied offering of enriching programming. Residents may participate in on-site equine and horticultural therapy programs, based at our stables and gardens. Aquatic therapy, along with activities such as massage, guided meditation and yoga, are also available on-site, at one of two rehab centers in The Springs. Outings to some of Tucson’s favorite cultural and entertainment destinations can also be part of the day.